Time and time again, Craig has helped me gain critically important insights. I’ve had eight coaching sessions with him to date, and in every single one experienced a major breakthrough in my understanding.

–Daniel Eckler, Entrepreneur, New York City

It’s been amazing how much clarity I have gained during my coaching process with Craig. He acts as a clear and unbiased mirror, allowing me to contact my own wisdom. The sessions have helped me find structure and clarity in my path forward. Craig is a great professional and a bright and compassionate person. I’m truly grateful for the support of his coaching.

–Veronica Mafud, Psychologist and Mindfulness Educator, Mexico City

In my 20 years as a professional coach, I’ve rarely met a coach with the level of empathy and strength of coaching presence as Craig. His sessions helped me a great deal.

–Maite Amuchastegui, Meta Coach, Mexico City

Coaching sessions with Craig helped me be more genuine with myself.

–Donald Eckler, Mindfulness Educator and Retired School Teacher, Toronto

I am grateful for Craig’s genuine and caring coaching sessions. His calming presence and the space he held helped me pause amidst this fast moving world. I gained insights into how to deal with my challenges and struggles.

–Tara Tiedemann​, Owner of Viva Adventures Travel, Costa Rica

Craig’s coaching encouraged me to tap into, and to trust, my own inner wisdom. I felt like the answers were coming from inside myself, but the guidance he provided to find those answers and practice them in my life was invaluable.

–Alex Falconer, Software Engineer, Toronto